Swinging (on Vimeo)

Swinging (on Vimeo)
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After a rough start to the week, I took Tuesday off to regroup, and headed to the park.

You can watch this on Vimeo.


I miss you

Mozart, my sister's, and our family dog of about 12 years, died Monday night. For many of those years, my parents and I helped raise him. I remember countless walks, trips to the groomer's, the vet, playing in the backyard, hunting him down whenever he managed to get out (which thankfully, wasn't that often), giving him treats, or just sitting with him on the porch, scritching him behind the ears, while we both enjoyed the sunset. He was a Siberian Huskie, intelligent, with a loving, loyal demeanor, bright, beautiful blue eyes, and he was always happy to see you. Always.

Out of respect for my sister's request for privacy, I'm not posting a picture of him. But I felt I had to remember him here, somehow. Whenever Mozart went to the groomers, they would dress him up with a little bandanna or scarf around his neck. He would look so handsome and cute (and happy to be out of there). I don't know why, but I saved this particular one, and put it away. Now I'm glad that I did.

I'll miss you, buddy. Have fun chasing those squirrels up there.


light comes out to play

light comes out to play
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Rain, rain, come again.


Rubber duckie, you're the one...

rubber duckie rush hour
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There's just something about these little guys that I never get tired of.

Swooping down with a big smile

Swooping down with a big smile
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Not sure why, but I love this shot, if I do say so, my damn self.


Is there a massage therapist in the house?

Today I:
  • Bowled 10 games, and got my high game of 148 (woo hoo!). However, with two hours of straight bowling, my fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, back, legs, and feet (oh boy, the feet) hurt. Ouch.
  • Cleaned up the kitchen (mostly), washed a mound of pots and pans, and thanked God for whomever invented the dishwasher.
  • One word: laundry. Had fun at the laundromat, and washed all the sheets, pillowcases, towels, workout clothes, and pants. Let me tell you, it doesn't get much more entertaining than eating your Jack In The Box chicken sandwich and fries dinner on your lap, while you wait for your schtuff to dry. That is the life, right there. ;-)
  • Turned over and rotated my queen sized mattress, and dressed up with above mentioned sheets. Feathers from down pillows are currently all over the floor. It looks like I murdered a goose in my bedroom.
  • Watched a seafood cook-off on the Food Network, and am now craving shrimp, lobster, crab, and 17 different types of fish.

To do:
  • Vacuum murdered goose off of the carpet.
  • Sweep and mop floors (gotta love the scuff marks from my new sandals).
  • Put away all the damn dishes.
  • Laundry. (I still have colors, whites, darks, and rugs to do.)
  • Shred unwanted mail, go through receipts, and wipe down desk. Better yet, break out the matches, graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. (note to self: buy apartment insurance tomorrow)
  • Get some sleep. I've heard it's nice.


Mr. Potato Head has yet to master the subtleties of Hide and Seek.


"The Corner'ingation of Baby"



girl, you got a can of soup on your head!

girl, you got a can of soup on your head!
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A soup haiku for you:

the soup on my head
is Campbell's Cream of Chicken
a meme makes me smile


in progress

in progress
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Short, short, short, for the summahtime.

Issue #905
on and on
Arrested Development: Season 1
Tootsie Fruit Rolls