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Just because.

Culture, Schmulture

"'We were hoping for a little sophistication, maybe," said Casey Rataczak, 27, a Wicked Hop bartender. "People were shoving their martini glasses in my face and not wanting to talk about the product . . . they were just worked up about getting their booze.'"

I'm not sure what the planners were expecting, but when you've got unlimited liquor for $30, please don't even act surprised when the crowd goes all 'Girls Gone Wild' on you.

Flip them flapjacks, baby!

This is how I like 'em
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I inadverdently found out through Nikki, that today is National Pancake Day, a glorious day, indeed!

While Fran and I go create a shrine for Aunt Jemima, feel free to head on over to IHOP to enjoy your free short stack of pancakes!


From Nikki to Me

Color and friendship brighten the soul
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So awesome, Nikki. Thanks, chica. :)


F*ck, F*ck, F*ck!

Sorry, just had to get that out.


Esther as a Simpson? Cowabunga!

Esther as a Simpson? Cowabunga!
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Go create your own sacrelicious self over at Simpsomaker (yep, that's the way it's spelled). Big fun.


Happy Birthday, Jill!

But seriously folks...
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Just wanted to give a shout out to my great friend, Jill (she's on the left, sporting the stylish dragon hat, while Holly, models the latest in jester millinery). Have a great and fantabulous birthday, chica! May you have no stress, lots of presents, and delicious sweets!

Best quote I've read today

From a comment posted in Flickr, to someone (not me) who has recently experienced a break-up:

"I was never one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together again and tell myself that the mended whole was as good as new. What is broken is broken -- and I'd rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it and see the broken places as long as I lived."

~ Margaret Mitchell


LOST Man Candy of the Week

When I remember, I watch LOST. I'm no good with reviews, I'll leave those to the lovely gina. This spot is just for pure, unadulterated lust of the many fine lookin' men on the show.

I meant to start this up a couple of weeks ago, but life's bullshit got in the way. So, we'll begin with Josh Holloway (i.e. 'Sawyer') for my, um, your lusting perusal.

The latest and greatest in customer service

Dave's recent post about annoying the drive-thru clerk reminded me of my recent visit to McDonald's over the past weekend.

Mind you, I had decided to go inside, since the drive-thru was packed, but nonetheless, I was not disappointed.

The exchange went as such:

Many Cards Short of a Deck Cashier (MCSOADC): "Can I help who's next?"
Me: "Yes, I'd like a Quarter Pounder, no cheese, and a medium fry. To go, please."
MCSOADC: (Presses several buttons on register) "Did you want the meal?"
Me: "No, thanks. Just the sandwich and the fries" (I had already picked up a vat of Dr. Pepper at the Circle K)
MCSOADC: (Presses buttons, pauses, presses more buttons) "Did you want cheese on that?"
Me: "No."
MCSOADC: (Looks at me, presses buttons, pauses to look slightly confused, presses more buttons) "So, that's one Quarter Pounder, no cheese. Anything else to go with that?"
Me: "Did you get the medium fry?"
MCSOADC: (Pauses, presses an unmentionable amount of buttons, which I think at this point, the hamsters in the wheel keeled over)
"Is that for here or to go?"

Oh. My. God.

Sicko "Marriage Contract" One For The Ages:

Frey, prosecutors contend, apparently is a rather demanding guy. In fact, he actually drew up a bizarre four-page marriage document--a "Contract of Wifely Expectations"--that sought to establish guidelines for his spouse in terms of hygiene, clothing, and sexual activities.

Mr. Assclown also has a separate charge for child pornography. Here's hoping for a very unpleasant and memorable stay in a federal, pound-me-in-the-ass prison for this utter waste of skin.


Sunsets bring out the unspoken thoughts

Sunsets bring out the unspoken thoughts
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If misery loves company, I refuse be the one that's hanging out on it's couch.

So, I'll keep it simple, and just say that I'm relatively good, and very glad to have you all around.

Thanks, everyone. Back soon with new, mopey-free posts!


Breakups suck

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It's only Wednesday, and yet this week has felt like a month. Does that make sense? It's been years since I've had a good February, and this one ensures that my track record is still intact.

Off to eat a mountain of chocolate, and hook up with some Häagen-Dazs.


Valentine's Day for Perverts and Realists

If you haven't already, go visit Davezilla, and check out the Valentine's Day cards I'd like to see post. It's definitely better than anything I could have come up with for today.

Sweet promises can go either way

Sweet promises can go either way
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Whether you're celebrating or not, go out and eat lots of chocolate. Go on!


A reflection of me

A reflection of me
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A morning of target practice, and a chance to wear my blue hat.


Buy one, get one cardiac arrest free!

"Salt, sugar and fats are used in copious quantities to ensure that diners get their taste buds well and truly tickled."

I love a good coronary as much as the next gal, but I think I'll stick with Godiva truffles to tickle my, uh, taste buds.


Heartland of the desert

Heartland of the desert
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I was going to do a Super Bowl post, but then I figure, who out of my 6 readers would really care?

I'll just say that I want the Seahawks to win, and leave it at that. ;-)



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My moody self strikes again.

6 More Weeks of Freezing Your Ass Off

"Punxsutawney Phil is nonpolitical and can't speak anyway," Johnston said.

This would probably be a good time to say that it'll be about 78° in these parts on Saturday.

Puppies, Aerosol Cans, and Luggage - Oh My!

"Besides the pups and human swallowers, authorities said the ring based in Medellin also concealed drugs in body creams, aerosol cans, and the linings of purses and luggage."

If at some point in your life, you find yourself doing this to another living creature, let alone a puppy, please realize that you have failed as a human being, and go play in traffic.

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