late at night, when you're alone, that's when they come.

this is what happens when you don't get invited to any Halloween parties...


there was a noise...

there was a noise..., originally uploaded by Esther17.



distractions at the supermarket

distractions at the supermarket, originally uploaded by Esther17.

my new favorite photo of mine, if i do say so myself.

kaboom! crrraack! kapow!

kaboom! crrraack! kapow!, originally uploaded by Esther17.

walked into the supermarket, and saw these babies immediately. *click*

behind the flowers

behind the flowers, originally uploaded by Esther17.

i recently purchased a new camera, a Sony Cybershot DSC-W70, to be exact. i don't know .3 mm from .7mm when it comes to aperture, but i can't wait to figure it out. i want to have that sharpness and detail that i admire in so many of my contacts' photos.

anyhoo, enjoy the upcoming floral show. ;-)

which way did she go?

stretching out, originally uploaded by Esther17.

hey there. i'm saying "hey" even though i'm pretty sure that nobody is around to read it. that's ok, and totally understandable. i've been a complete and total slacker when it comes to this blog, my e-mail, my friends. i'm amazed that people still bother with me, to be honest.

the thing is, too, is that there is so much that i want to say, to share, and yet somehow, and for reasons yet unknown to me, it stays in my head. i stay silent, get lost in the quiet and the loneliness. it's like i am watching my mental self sit in the corner, mumbling, wondering where she is. it needs to change, before i end up completely alone.

so if you are one of the many lost in my non-responsive, taking it for granted fray, i am sorry, really. please stick around a little while longer. i promise to make it worth the occasional click.


letting it go

letting it go
Originally uploaded by Esther17.

*breathe in* *breathe out*


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