Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball

a total fave of mine...


Incorrigible Santa (on Vimeo)


hilarious. :)


resistance is feetile

resistance is feetile, originally uploaded by Esther17.

spent the weekend up in Phoenix, and managed to leave my camera battery at home.

so, welcome to my world of cameraphone shots. ;-)

p.s. it's official. i suck at blogging.


jumping on Vimeo

a companion to my Swinging clip, this was some Turkey Day fun at the playground.


promises, lust, heartbreak, all for $42.50



animayme, originally uploaded by Esther17.

my anime self has a slightly more rockin' wardrobe (and body) than me. but i don't mind at all. she looks like she could kick some serious ass.

created with dollwizard, and link via the always cool natalie.


are you awake yet?

you will be after this:

(untitled) on Vimeo


schnazzy shoes make all the difference

i bowled in a tournament (my first) over the weekend, with some fellow teammates, and a couple of friends. we bowled team, doubles, and singles over the course of two days. we'll find out how we did after the next weekend is over, but no matter. it was exhausting, but a ton of fun, and i definitely plan on doing it again.


adventures in breakfast

This morning, at Target:

Target Slave: "Hi, how can I help you?"

Me: "I'd like a bacon, egg, & cheese biscuit, and a side of hash browns."

TS: (starts ringing up order, stops) "Um, we're out of egg today."

Me: "Oh, ok. um, hmmmm...alright, just give me the sausage biscuit instead."

TS: "Ok. Hold on, let me check to see if we have sausage." (runs in back for a minute, hollers. comes back...)

TS: "We're out of hash browns."

Me: (shakes head) "Never mind. Thanks."


sheep go to heaven....

sheep go to heaven...., originally uploaded by Esther17.

sometimes, it's very, very wrong....


sevens and the city

sevens and the city, originally uploaded by emdot.

today we have an absolutely sweet shot by the fabulous marya (aka emdot) of her mans, sevens.


a little day music (and some driving)

a little day music (and some driving) on Vimeo

if i could put a thought together right now, i'd say something eloquent about the feelings of excitement and romance of hitting the road, with no set place to go and the full day ahead of you. as it's close to my bedtime, and i'm somewhat tired, i'll just leave it to your imagination. enjoy.


get your VOTE on!!!

get your VOTE on!!!, originally uploaded by auntnanny.

auntnanny (aka Amanda) and my favorite wooden chicken encourage you to go vote! although i won't have a cool chicken with me, i will be doing so in about an hour or two.



batteries recharged, for now

i'm tired, but i feel different. better. i've got a busy week ahead, what with training, and an upcoming bowling tournament over the weekend. however, i'm not stressed about any of it, which is a refreshing change. i really need to get out of town more often. :)

getting ready for dinner here (japanese food, yum), then i'll be heading home after that. it's going to be straight to bed. well, maybe a little Flickring first, then sleep. see y'all tomorrow.

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