I was just here. Where did I go?

Part of her wanted to be somewhere else
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I'm not sure what it is, if it's my cold (which is finally starting to abate), or perhaps the possibility of a date this weekend (first one in a long time), that I have been so apathetic about posting and e-mails, and basically everything, to be honest. Which, of course, has left me feeling a bit detached from everybody.

Not to say that there's not stuff floating around in my head that I've been wanting to blab about. It's just going to stay there until I get out of this weirdness that I'm in.

To sum it up, thanks for being so patient with me. I'm still here, but just taking my time.


Anonymous Davezilla said...

You went there is where you went.

12/07/2005 6:15 PM  
Anonymous Tami Jo said...

I'll see you when you get here.

12/08/2005 4:47 AM  
Blogger buttershug said...

I think everyone has that after they've been pretty sick. Just take it easy. :)


12/08/2005 12:35 PM  
Anonymous Nina said...

Get some rest. As my mother always says "Drink orange juice. It will cure anything." She's a strange one though. :)

12/08/2005 12:50 PM  

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