cupcake zen

cupcake zen
Originally uploaded by Esther17.

For shizzle, my cupcake nizzle.


Blogger Franikins said...

Esther, you owe me a new computer monitor-One that doesn't have Wheat Thins and Veggie Slices soy cheese spewn all over it.
For shizzle, my cupcake nizzle
You need to give a sistah a heads up before you write something like that.

4/18/2006 6:41 PM  
Blogger Esther said...


Sorry, Fran. ;-)

4/18/2006 8:58 PM  
Blogger Franikins said...

Esther, I was just looking at your other flickr photos in this set. Wowsers! Terrific!
What camera do you use? specifics please.

I want cookies and banana bread. NOW!

4/19/2006 7:43 PM  

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