Motivation, Schmotivation!

Motivation, Schmotivation!

I'm in one of those spells again, where I'm up for doing a lot of nada. Sure doesn't help that I've not been getting much sleep (entirely my fault by staying up way too late, due to Flickr'ing and late night tv watching), dealing with the monthly monster (tmi? sorry), and now my lower back is hurting up a storm, aggravated by bowling (yes, I'm in a league - more on that later).

Anyhoo, so for now, it's nothing but photos. That's not so bad, though, right? Right?


Blogger buttershug said...

Partake in a little self-indulgence. I'm heading to World Market tomorrow to pick up some of those yummy thin square chocolates filled with soft caramel, swedish fish candies, and whatever else will make me happy. PMS is a b!tch.

3/15/2006 6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7/05/2006 10:18 AM  
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