Four Score and Seven Blogs Ago....

Ok, Jen, ya got me:

Four Jobs I’ve Had In My Life
1. Floral runner (Assistant to the person who actually got to drive the delivery van). Skipped more than a few days of school doing this.
2. Cashier at Fuddruckers (Did the salad bar prep, too). Always came home reeking of hamburger grease.Woot.
3. Lingerie saleperson at Broadway (think a wannabe Macy’s) Ever fit an 80-year old lady for a bra? Nope? Be glad.
4. Temp receptionist over at Apple Computers. Steve Jobs actually said “Hi” to me, and didn’t fire me on the spot. Yup, that was cool.

Four Movies I Could Watch Over And Over Again
1. A Christmas Story (Just ask my family, friends, and ex-boyfriends.)
2. Ghostbusters (“And the flowers are still standing!”)
3. Office Space (“Yes, I got the memo.”)
4. Animal House (Bluto: “My suggestion to you, is to start drinking heavily.” Otter: “I’d listen to him, he’s pre-med.”)

Four Places I Have Lived
1. Brooklyn., N.Y. (With my Tia Rose, in her one-bedroom apartment.)
2. Tucson, AZ (Fresh out of college, idealistic, and thin.)
3. Sunnyvale, CA (First w/above mentioned boyfriend, then when that fell apart, w/a roommate found online.)
4. Sierra Vista, AZ (Here now, w/possibilities.)

Four TV Shows I Love To Watch
1. Alias
2. CSI:
3. Gilmore Girls

Four Places I Have Been On Vacation
1. Anaheim, CA (Six Flags, baby!)
2. Lake Wixom, MI (and very briefly, Sandusky, OH; Cedar Point, y’know?)
3. Washington, D.C. (2 and a half days on a Greyhound to get there, but worth it for the friendships forged.)
4. Vancouver, BC (Simply put: Awesome. I absolutely love that place.)

Four Websites I Visit Daily
1. Flickr
2. Davezilla
3. Buttershug
4. Defective Yeti

Four Of My Favorite Foods
1. Chocolate, specifically chocolate-chip cookies (Chips Ahoy are my complete weakness)
2. Sushi
3. Italian/Mexican
4. Bread and Cheese

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
1. Snuggling with my man
2. Italy or Ireland
3. On a sunny beach, w/clear blue water to wade in, and an ice cold fruity drink in my hand.
4. Vegas, w/my girlfriends, partying it up (or on the other hand, w/my man, partying it up)

Most Wonderful Place I’ve Ever Been
1. Vancouver, B.C.
2. Monterey Bay, CA, specifically, the M.B. Aquarium. Incredible is one way to describe it.
3. San Juan, PR
4. That In-N-Out we visited in San Diego, CA

Four Bloggers I Am Tagging To Follow Me In This
1. gina
2. Fran
3. Nina
4. Minnie

And there you have it.


Anonymous swetha said...

hhehe the last one was funny...
good blo keep it up

1/23/2006 10:13 PM  
Blogger buttershug said...

Fuddruckers- the funnest restraurant name to mispronounce.

You know I love you for putting Ghostbusters on that list.
"Shhh. Listen. Do you smell that?"

1/24/2006 5:39 AM  
Anonymous Nina said...

Tommorrow's post I promise!
:) I didn't know anyone still watched those movies...Ghostbusters! :)

1/24/2006 7:16 PM  
Blogger Franikins said...

Thanks for the tag. I finished my assignment.

1/24/2006 10:02 PM  
Blogger Esther said...

Ghostbusters is just about the most perfect comedy around, in my book. Perfect for a rainy afternoon, or when you're looking to avoid housework.

1/25/2006 9:12 AM  
Blogger buttershug said...

My kids love Ghostbusters, Gremlins, The Dark Crystal... We even own The Navigator (if you remember that one). I have to expose them our gen's movies before they grow up too much and start thinking our stuff is too old. ;)

1/26/2006 5:37 AM  

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